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The Senior Solutions Division was formed to help clients and partners enjoy the benefits of the Home Equity Leverage Program or H.E.L.P. which may help build a bridge to a happy and secure retirement.

The program is designed to transform and leverage the illiquid asset of a senior's home equity into immediate, beneficial and lifelong income by the gifting of the asset to an accredited charitable organization. H.E.L.P. advisors are trained to listen and carefully note what is most important to you and your situation so they can introduce you to the experts that will best meet your needs.

Breathe easy. If worries about having enough money to meet unexpected expenses or simply enjoy retirement are creating too much stress, we may have a helpful solution.

Senior Solutions Division - Pacific Sothebys

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Reinvent retirement by making your well-deserved home equity work for you.

  • Your home mortgage will be paid off

  • Life long income

  • Tax deduction advantages in accordance with IRS codes

  • Create a legacy... innovative partnership with qualified charitable organizations means you'll create a lasting gift by helping others

Tom Di Noto and Sheila Godkin

Tom Di Noto and Sheila Godkin

Directors, Pacific Sotheby's International Realty Senior Solutions Division

"The Senior Solutions Division was formed to serve the distinct needs of the fastest-growing demographic in the United States. We have both achieved the Senior Real Estate Specialist® Designation from the National Association of Realtors® as qualified professionals demonstrating keen insight and knowledge of the unique needs of seniors in the real estate market."

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Senior Solutions Division