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Think about it. Some of the most well rounded people you’ve ever known aren’t likely to have followed a path. A path that was visible to others, anyway. Most likely, they’ve cobbled together a life experience all their own. A life of variety, wanderlust and most important in the equation: an unwillingness to settle. Get where this is going? Yep, right to the doorstep of Sheri Normandin. Real estate done the uncommon way with an agent that has a life experience spent on the unconventional side of the biorhythm. Born in the fertile San Joaquin, Sheri learned the exhilaration of hard work and tenacity very quick. Real quick. From coast to coast Sheri went where the work was interesting and hard. Making stops at some of the world’s largest retailers, fruit marketers and dotcoms, the game of life came fast and furious. And so did the rewards. Rewards that allowed her to nurture her creative ability to make a home wherever she landed. Bringing her interpretation of a prolific California lifestyle to the East Coast and over time, a bit of Beantown and the Eastern Seaboard, and finally, back to square one – Cali. So, Sheri knows, if you’re gonna move, why not move in a big way? Like she always has. Like shucking the corporate grind and getting into something you know a whole lot about? Like uprooting, reinventing yourself, taking a flyer, living how and where you want to live. Taking all that knowledge of putting a home up for sale, staging, escrow, finding a new home, seeing beyond the walls and into the future. Knowing when to listen to a home, an area, a lifestyle. That’s a pretty appealing concept. This is why there’s really no other choice in a voice for you and your family. Someone who recognizes the possibilities and more importantly, the pitfalls. Someone who has made the mistakes and realized the triumphs before you even thought about making a move. With Sheri Normandin you’re taking a chance. A chance she’s already taken – and realized. She knows the path to a lifestyle tailor made for you. She wouldn’t stand for it to be any other way.
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Sheri Normandin

  • DRE# 01930110
32356 South Coast Highway
Laguna Beach, Californie 92651 États-Unis

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