Traffic and Travel in Orange County

If you’re jonesing to live the SoCal life, Los Angeles is probably the first thought that
pops into your head. There are endless beaches, sunny days, incredible Mexican
food and a laid-back vibe. Plot twist: you may actually be thinking of Orange County. Here are a few reasons why Orange County is a fantastic place to look for real estate:

The Traffic is Way Better

Among the many compelling reasons to choose Orange County over other spots like Los Angeles, the most vital to everyday happiness is the traffic. There’s still traffic, of course — but it’s nowhere close to that of Los Angeles.

Parking is Better Too

The sequel to rough traffic is almost always tough parking. You want to look for parking that is easy to find and inexpensive. Orange County has loads of parking available in front of restaurants, businesses, stores, markets, and attractions.


…So is the Environment

Orange County enjoys fresher air and cleaner sidewalks, making for an all-around healthier environment. This can mean fewer cars on the road and ultimately less
pollution in the air. Orange County’s air quality certainly is a big improvement on that of bigger cities.

It’s Close to Everything

Reduced traffic and prime location translate to endless possibilities for places to go. When you’re in Orange County, you are close to all of the things that make Southern California so appealing for people who live in the area:

The Vibe is More Relaxed

Orange County packs the same SoCal charm into its
cities as Los Angeles, but with the feeling of somehow being out of the big-city race.

Shopping is a Cinch

Orange County enjoys a better throughput of traffic partly due to the fact that it was master-planned as a suburb of Los Angeles.



Big City Stress Isn’t a Thing

It is relaxed, well-planned and even walkable and bikeable, depending on where you’re trying to go. Huntington, Laguna Beach and San Clemente are charming coastal communities with pedestrian neighborhoods.


Orange County is Young. Fresh, & Full of Opportunity

Orange County is fresh, new and loaded with potential for people looking to
embrace the SoCal life. Things feel modern, clean and high-quality. City streets and traffic patterns are sensibly designed.


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