The Importance of Choosing the Right Interior Designer


Once you’ve bought your dream home, the next step is to decorate your space! Hiring an interior designer brings a professional design
sense to your doorstep, literally. However, choosing the right interior designer takes a
little bit of research to ensure that you’re more than content with their designs. We’ll show you how to choose the right interior designer for your new home with these simple tips.

What is your design taste? 

Start by thinking about your design sense. What kind of home are you looking for? Do you want your interior spaces to look sleek and modern or do you prefer more of a rustic touch? You’ll want to choose a designer who embraces your vision.


Setup for an Informational Interview

The next step for choosing the perfect interior
designer is to set up an interview. Don’t overload yourself, choose three to four designers who caught your eye and interview them. You don’t have to meet in person, but be sure to have a list of questions and take some notes.

Consider How They Work

You’ll be working closely together, so ask
lots of questions. You’ll want to have a firm
understanding of their design process. Ask questions regarding their workflow and time frame.

Think About Budget

First, you want your vision and budget to be in alignment. Before you can choose the perfect interior designer for your home, you’ll want to establish a budget. Choose a number that works with your financial situation, and decide which spaces take priority

Decisions, Decisions

The final step to choosing the right interior
designer is to whittle down your list and choose the perfect match. After each interview, if you are still interested in learning more, ask for a proposal that includes a timeline, process, references and cost breakdown.

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