With its mild surf and warm weather year-round, San Diego’s beautiful beaches, bays, and lakes make it a prime destination for participating in all things watersports. As you glance at the harbor between Downtown and Coronado Island, you’ll find multiple leisure vessels skimming the waters on their way to fun and adventure.

For those that love to sail, the good news is there’s more than one way to plot your sailing course during your time in town. Are you looking to pilot your own ship? Perhaps you’re seeking a more laidback experience where you sit back and enjoy some wine while a hired skipper takes the wheel. No matter your nautical desires, there are rentals, tours, and charters galore to cater to your every possible maritime whim.

Coronado and San Diego have an abundance of choices when it comes to sailing. Yacht rentals populate many local docks, affording the chance to go on a self-guided exploration. Of course, only adequately licensed sailors are given the keys to these grand vessels. But there are also ships where you can participate as a crew member, sit back, and learn the basics of sailing.

Even more exciting: some of these ships are very old. And some are replicas of boats that haven’t been seen in hundreds of years. If you’re looking to get in touch with your inner pirate or Old World explorer, you can join a tour where they put you to work to experience what being a sailor was like hundreds of years ago! Whether you want to feel like a Columbus or Long John Silver, you’ll travel back to the past and pick up a practical skill at the same time.

Some cruises are set around close encounters with the oceans’ most majestic creatures. Sign up for whale-watching and dolphin-spotting voyages. These marine mammals inspire a special kind of awe. There are also chances to get up and personal with seals and gentle leopard sharks through snorkeling and scuba outings. Dive in and get lost in a bold undersea world, knowing that your home ship will ensure a safe return.

There’s no need to set a specific destination when sailing around San Diego and Coronado. There are plenty of charters where crews not only steer you safely around the area, but also offer delicious food and drinks. Many tours include craft beer flights and wine tastings, where you can enjoy the cityscape views and serenity of salty breezes, then round out the day with a picture-perfect Pacific sunset!

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