In today’s sea of reality TV shows, there seems to be something for just about everyone. Whether you’re a Dance Mom or a Bachelor, a Housewife or a Total Diva, it’s covered. And just about the same can be said for the DIY Home Renovation and Real Estate Shows airing across numerous networks each day. Well, right here in San Diego, a new type of reality TV show has been created, and while it is meant to entertain its’ viewers, the show’s creators are hoping it will also educate an important, and often overlooked segment of our population – Seniors.

Enter “Senior Savers” a fun and educational reality TV series created to help bring awareness to the challenges seniors and their adult children face when moving or organizing their belongings. Let’s face it, for better or worse, we love our possessions. The souvenirs purchased over a lifetime of travels, family photos, collectibles and furniture inherited from past generations, bring back happy memories. As we age, our collections can become overwhelming but also represent mementos of a person’s life. Whether moving to a smaller home after the kids have gone, to a senior community for an easier lifestyle or sorting through a lifetime’s accumulation of belongings – the task can be daunting as well as fun, heartwarming and just a little bit crazy!

The show’s creators and hosts, Jami Shapiro and Bryan Devore, wanted to find a way to advocate for seniors most critical needs in an entertaining and relatable format. Shapiro founded Silver Linings Transitions in 2014 to help seniors with everything from decluttering and organizing to packing and moving.  In 2017, she partnered with Bryan Devore, the show’s co-creator and Realtor at Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty. Together they have made it their mission to become advocates, educators and a trusted resource for seniors in the San Diego community. Knowing they couldn’t personally reach everyone who needed help and support with this life transition, they created a way to reach a larger base and the idea of a reality-based TV show was born.

According to Shapiro, “In our work with seniors and their families throughout the community, we found the same questions being asked over and over – Where do I start? Who can I trust? What are my options?” We were surprised to find out how many seniors had no idea of the resources available to help them.”

“Many seniors need help. Some are living alone in their homes, without proper nutrition or medical care.  Our goal is to be there for them and help make the transition to what could be the best years of their lives,” adds Devore. “Many of our seniors and their families are not tech-savvy so we are using the medium of television to reach them and expose them to available resources.”

A Premiere Viewing Event for the new reality TV show Senior Savers was held to a sold-out crowd on Tuesday, May 29th at ArcLight Cinema La Jolla. Those in attendance included “cast and crew members” and their families as well as members the companies and organizations that serve seniors, including senior living communities, senior centers, ElderHelp of San Diego, San Diego Oasis, and many more.

“The response to the show was overwhelming,” says Bryan Devore, one of the show’s hosts. Said Jami Shapiro, the other host of the show, said, “Many members of the community came up to us after the showing to thank us and let us know they were surprised to learn how many resources are available for seniors that they never knew existed!”

The show begins airing on Tuesday, June 5 on local Channel 4SD at 5:30pm. The show is only available on TV for cable subscribers but will be available on the Senior Savers website at and on the Facebook page @SeniorSaverstv.



Colby Arrington, PSIR Marketing

Director, Communications & Public Relations Pacific Sotheby's International Realty |