If you look at a map of the area just north of Coronado Island, you can trace a sort of triangle between Mission Hills, Pacific Beach and Point Loma which encapsulates the best of all worlds when it comes to watersports. San Diego Bay is flat and sheltered, allowing for some of the calmer options. On the other side of the peninsula, the Pacific Ocean opens its arms for some of the more challenging and deeper offerings when it comes to playing on the sea. And that’s the beauty of this stretch of Southern California: the waters have something for just about anyone.

In this part of the world, living by the sea is very much a creed. You can’t swing a longboard without hitting somebody who hasn’t spent a lot of time both over and under the crashing waves in some way. Tapping into this community means uncovering more and more ways for visitors to enjoy the best possible maritime diversions during their time here.

Ready to jump in headfirst? Here are some water activities to consider in Point Loma.


If you’re looking to hit the water but prefer the proximity of the beach, there’s plenty to do in the Point Loma area. San Diego Bay is a favorite for kayakers and paddleboarders. The serene waters won’t rock your ride so much that you can’t indulge in a little exploring. Discover remote beaches and tight-knit waterfront communities. If you need some speed, this is also a great place for water skiing, jet skiing or even renting a pontoon boat – a great way to enjoy the spray with a drink in your hand!

Meanwhile, in the Pacific Ocean-facing beaches, surfing is the biggest sport there is. Try “hanging ten” on one of Ocean Beach’s legendary waves. Or take your first surfing lessons if you’re new to the pastime. Looking for more of a workout? Try kiteboarding! Using your upper body muscles as a kite drags you and your board across the waves is sure to be a challenge.


Some people need to really get out there. For them, there are all sorts of charters. Sailboats take leisurely trips around the area as passengers enjoy views and perhaps a glass of wine. Whale watching excursions bring tourists and locals alike up close and personal with the earth’s largest animals. There’s nothing like a jet boat ride to zoom you into adrenaline overdrive. And anglers, fishing charters will have you landing a trophy catch or two.

Prefer to actually get under the water? Snorkelers will be happy to know that local kelp beds offer communities of undersea creatures a place to live. SCUBA tours can take folks deeper as more indigenous critters, like elegant (and harmless) leopard sharks, sleekly whip by. You can even tap into your inner underwater hunter on a spearfishing excursion!

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