Folks raising families can often find themselves at their wits’ end while trying to manage their adult lives and make sure their kids get everything they need. In many cases, caring for an older relative can enter the mix. It can be a challenge for parents to fit their own needs in with everybody else’s. And there lies the eternal quest to bundle up the hours into common activities that can cater to everyone: the family activity. Fortunately, La Mesa has quite a few options to explore for people seeking the sweet spot that will make everyone happy. Here a just a few of the ways to create quality time with the whole gang!

La Mesa Village is located in the heart of town and is a great way to spend time with the whole family. It’s the oldest part of the city, so many buildings are over 100 years old. They house unique gift shops, a wealth of antiques, plenty of eateries, and more. These five square blocks of fun are packed with activities to delight all members of your troupe. And be sure to check your calendar when visiting the area for seasonal events such as Octoberfest. You never know what additional activities will be in store when you get here!

If your family loves to explore the outdoors, consider an excursion to Mount Helix Park. This space, technically just outside the La Mesa city limits in Casa de Oro-Mount Helix, is a great place for a picnic and some mild hiking. It’s also dog-friendly, so feel free to bring your puppy along. An old amphitheater provides respite on its steps. And the best part: a brief half-mile incline leads to a peak with very rewarding views of the San Diego area. It’s the perfect place to exercise with a wonderful treat waiting at the end!

La Mesa has great movie theaters playing all the latest releases, just like any other smaller modern city. But it also has a few unique spaces you won’t find anywhere. There’s a library that hosts Lego-building sessions, allowing kids to be creative while their parents thumb through a few pages for some catch-up reading. Community theater figures big in town as well; there’s a thriving youth theater scene amid the town’s active schedule of dramas and play. Museums and historical sites can inspire a sense of discovery and wonder. And don’t forget all the great communities just a short drive from La Mesa. San Diego is loaded with beaches, theme parks, and urban fun of all kinds. National parks and preserves like the Anza Borrego Desert are easily within reach. And the tapestry of small communities in the vicinity offers a variety of treasures to uncover!