When it comes to buying a new home, the purchase often comes with a laundry list of improvements. Instead of paying expensive contractors, there are several ways you can improve your home with your own two hands. Here’s a look at a few easy DIY projects you can do.

Get Colorful

Painting your home is one of the simplest DIY projects around. Simply choose paint, purchase supplies and go for it. Although painting an entire home takes plenty of patience, you can easily save thousands if you do it yourself.

Be sure to remove any wall coverings (think curtains, shades and wall art). Then tape off corners and edges using high-quality painter’s tape. You’ll want to throw down drop cloths to protect your floor. Next, cut in edges with a paintbrush and then use rollers to paint over large areas quickly. Lastly, depending on the paint, you may need more than one coat.

Plant a Garden

Another easy DIY project that’s perfect for summer is planting your garden. Depending on how your yard is set up, you may or may not need to add irrigation or create flower beds. Both can be done on your own, even if they are a little labor-intensive.

Sprinkler systems are simple to install and take a little bit of pre-planning. First, work out the different zones you would like to control. Next, dig up trenches to lay down the main pipes. Sprinkler tubing is easy to cut, connect and handle since there’s a lot of flexibility. Connect it all to the solenoid valves and connect your control box to the valves. Tie it into your main water line and you’re all set.

Once you have irrigation, you can create your own garden. Opt to dig up sections of earth to create garden beds or make raised beds. Either way, you’ll want to mix your old dirt with a nutrient-rich gardening mix at a ratio of about 50/50 before you plant.

Choose flowers and plants that fit your climate and sun exposure. You can do a little research for your particular area by searching for your climate zone and then which species of plant grow well.

For edible plants, get some nutrients to increase blooms and production. Once you plant, water daily for several days until the plants are established in their new home. Each year you can plant a new garden with annuals or you could plant perennials that come back each year.

Makeover Your Cabinets

Continue your DIY efforts inside your home with simple DIY projects. Think about ways you can improve the look of your home without too much effort. Something as simple as changing doorknobs or sanding and staining cabinets can do quite a bit to makeover a room.

Swapping out door hardware is a straight-forward process, but staining your cabinets takes a little bit of effort. First, remove the contents, doors and drawers. Next, you’ll want to sand all of the surfaces to remove old stain and paint.

Once you’ve sanded, simply apply a new stain or paint. In order to get a factory-finished look, use a sprayer that can handle your paint or stain. You’ll want to wear a respirator and protect the rest of your kitchen from stains by covering it in plastic while you work. The result is a fresh new kitchen that speaks to your style.

Style with Curtains

Another easy home improvement project is curtains and shades. Give your space a sense of privacy and spruce up the decor with new shades and curtains. Simply measure window spaces. Don’t forget to add a little extra to account for hanging and get full coverage. You can always stop by a window covering store to get specific advice on what will work best for your space. Take pictures and measurements.

Install curtains on your own using a level, impact drill and the instructions that come with your shades. This simple home improvement project offers an easy way to create a more intimate setting in your home.

Customize Your Closet

Another easy DIY project is to fit your closets with custom storage. Today’s world of DIY custom storage solutions makes organizing your space a breeze. There are several different brands that offer up mix-and-match solutions to create the closet of your dreams. Head into a storage store with a few measurements and ideas. Order what you need to create a beautiful customized closet and install it yourself.

Installation is relatively simple, but you’ll want a drill, screws, tape measure and level to get it all right. Once completed, you’ll have a high-end closet without paying high-end prices.

Overall, there are countless easy DIY projects you can do to create the home of your dreams. These simple solutions customize your space and save you money.

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