DIY projects are not only fun and satisfying, but they also keep you active, relieve stress, and can help you sell your house faster. There’s something magical about getting your hands dirty from gardening and standing back and looking at your completed project. At the end of a day filled with outdoor projects, you’ll feel satisfied and relaxed. Here are five ideas for “do it yourself” projects to enhance your space. 

16171 Santa Barbara Lane, Huntington Beach, CA 92649
Offered at $3,000,000 | 4 BEDS/ 3.5 Baths | 3,719SF | Listed by Sean Stanfield, DRE #01024996
  • Create a Great First Impression.  A clean, uncluttered front yard can instantly alter someone’s perception for the better. Trimmed hedges, shaped trees, tidying up the lawn and creating a debris-free scene are a great way to start.
8101 Lamour Lane, San Diego, CA 92127
Offered at $1,599,000 | 3 BEDS/3.5 BATHS | 4,161SF | Listed by Amber Anderson, DRE#01423536
  • Add a Pop of Color.  Adding a pop of color can transform the dull into the inviting. There’s nothing more aesthetic than a parklike setting. Not only is it enjoyable to work in the yard, but you also receive long-lasting satisfaction. Besides making sure your lawn looks like a deep green rolling carpet, you can also add color with plants. Some of the most popular plants in our Southern California region include Bougainvillea, Sages, Succulents, Aloe, and all colors of flowering plants.  Adding flowering plants along the path of your home highlights your walkway and makes it look cheerful and inviting. Putting potted plants on the front porch is another fun project. Get an idea of what colors you’d like to focus on and then go to your local nursery or store like Home Depot or Lowes (both of which are currently offering online ordering and easy pick-up.) You’ll be amazed at what a difference having blooming plants out front can make. 
231 10th Street, Del Mar, CA 92014
Offered at $2,850,000 | 3 BEDS/3 BATHS | 1,729SF | Listed by Michael Citrin, DRE#00936083
  • Refresh with Paint  One of the least expensive projects that makes a significant difference is painting. You can take something worn and old and breathe new life into it. It can be a fun project for the entire family. Focus first on the doors and shutters of your home.  With a simple coat of paint, you can turn dirty and faded doors and shutters into clean and freshly-painted masterpieces full of curb appeal. The trick for choosing the right paint color is selecting one that stands out from the facade of the home. Pick a color that draws the eye to the entrance and compliments the other elements. For the sheen, gloss is best because it makes the color pop, and it’s easier to keep clean. Depending on the size of your doors and number of shutters, it might only take a gallon or two. And here’s a tip. When you’re done painting the door, and it’s completely dry – rub a little Vaseline around the edge to keep it from sticking.
  • Here are some popular color combinations:
  • Gray or yellow house – white trim, red door, and shutter
  • Tan or white house – white trim, peacock blue door, and shutters
  • Dark blue house – white trim, bright yellow door, and shutters
  • Light blue house – white trim, dark blue door, and shutters
15752 Las Planideras, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067
Offered at $2,695,000 | 4 BEDS/5 BATHS | 4,106SF
Listed by Cathy Gilchrist-Colmar, DRE #00517562 and ?Kathleen Gelcich, DRE #01503240
  • Create and/or Update your Gathering Space. As we move into summer (and quite frankly, all-year-round in Southern California) look at ways to expand usable living space in the form of decking or hardscape. Add a simple firepit to create a space for evening gatherings.  Clean and paint your outdoor furniture to match or complement the door and shutter colors. 
6124 Seafaring Way, San Diego, CA 92130
Offered at $1,828,000 | 4 BEDS/4.5 Baths | 3,379SF | Listed by Dan Conway, DRE#01416672
  • Add a Water Feature or Update your Existing Pool/Spa.  Water features like ornamental ponds, fountains, and sculptures are also very popular with buyers who want the feel of an outdoor oasis. Update your existing pool/spa by adding LED light fixtures, updated handrails, and new waterline tiles. 

So when you’re looking to add some curb appeal and elevate your outdoor game with do-it-yourself projects, start with painting or planting and see where it takes you. You’ll get a lot of satisfaction and notice a big difference.  

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