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Founded in 1908, Mission Hills is a quaint, historic neighborhood located amongst the rolling hills overlooking Old Town, Downtown San Diego, and the San Diego Bay. The community is home to over 350 historically registered landmark homes, as well as a mix of vibrant restaurants and boutiques.

At Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty, we have a team of experienced agents who specialize in Mission Hills. The Hernholm Group, Mark McDonald, and Julie Chang are a few of the experts in the area, and they’re going to share what makes Mission Hills such a special community.

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When you explore Mission Hills, you’ll first notice the awe-inspiring homes that define the area. As The Herholms know well – “Many neighborhood homes were designed by renowned architects such as Cliff May, Richard Requa and Irving Gill. They set the stage for the diversity of architecture over the decades which sets Mission Hills apart.”

Overall, “Mission Hills is very historically and architecturally significant,” says Mark McDonald, “we have the most historical homes in San Diego with Mills Act Protection, which helps to both preserve the character of these unique architectural gems and provide the owners with a significant property tax benefit.”

Although Mission Hills is primarily a residential community, the area has developed a thriving yet quaint business district over the years. Most of these local businesses are located along Goldfinch Street and between the streets of Fort Stockton and West Washington, which is conveniently located just minutes away from most homes in the area.

In recent years, “Mission Hills has seen a revival to the local neighborhood restaurants with several new offerings, says Mark McDonald. With many new and exciting options to choose from, “A majority of these restaurants are seeing their tables filled with local residents eager to dine out and support local businesses,” McDonald states.

“Mission Hills Nursery is the oldest nursery in San Diego and was originally founded by Kate Sessions. On the other hand, the Trust Restaurant Group opened Fort Oak a couple of years ago. Both entities are great examples of how new complements the old and the tasteful evolution of this community,” says the Hernholms.

Another thing that makes Mission Hills so special is its sense of community. As a family team, Janna, Melissa, and Matthew of The Hernholm Group have a deep connection to the neighborhood. “Matthew and Melissa were raised in Mission Hills and attended Francis Parker Elementary. As one of the premier schools in the county, Francis Parker plays a significant role in introducing people to the neighborhood,” says Janna.

“I’ve never lived in a neighborhood where our neighbors spanning generations are friends socializing often, but also look out for one another and help each other like family,” says Julie Chang. Additionally, “When people aren’t working, you’ll find people out in our neighborhood working on their gardens, exercising, walking to a friend’s house, coffee shops, restaurants, a festival or a museum in Balboa Park.”

In regards to activities, Chang states that “Mission Hills is within close proximity to an abundance of options that city life has to offer, while also having access to tranquility and hiking in the numerous canyons and parks. Whether you’re looking to learn some history about California’s early European settlers in Presidio Park, watch a movie at Cinema Under the Stars, or attend weekly summer concerts in Pioneer Park, Mission Hills has numerous activities that all family members can enjoy.

Mission Hills offers a variety of properties diverse in architecture and design.

If you’re looking to find your dream home or learn more about the community of Mission Hills, please visit our website at to view all of our properties for sale throughout Mission Hills and Southern California.

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