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California’s southern coastline is one of the most alluring places to live and vacation in the United States. With its stunning natural beauty, unspoiled coastlines and preserved American history, it is understandable why. If you like beaches, boats, surf or a breathtaking sunset view, look no further than Crystal Cove on California’s Newport Coast.

Crystal Cove is nestled between South California’s Corona del Mar and Laguna Beach, making it one of the most prized beachfront locations in all of Orange County. Tucked into Crystal Cove State Park and a short drive away from Newport Beach, Crystal Cove offers the best of Southern California’s natural beauty and cosmopolitan life. Life along the Newport Coast is the perfect balance of nature’s serenity and the stimulation and excitement of nearby historic villages and modern cities, all held together by its SoCal community.


With canyons, beaches, cliffs and coral, the Crystal Cove State Park is a nature lover’s paradise. Perhaps known best for its stretch of beachfront cove and coastal cliffs, with almost 4,000 acres of preserved nature, the park offers more than meets the eye. Inland the park is used by mountain bikers, horseback riders and hikers who come to experience its canyons and forests. The park has 2,400 acres of undeveloped woodland, 17 different hiking trails and 34 campsites. Trails wind through forests, canyons, and along the coastline over rambling bluffs.

Crystal Cove Park offers over 3 miles of pristine beach tucked away in a serene cove amidst cliffs and tide pools. Beachgoers enjoy playing in the sand, lounging in the sunshine, exploring tide pools, surfing and swimming in these beautiful Pacific waters. With lifeguards on duty year-round, this beach is a safe and maintained place to enjoy solo or with the whole family.

Conservation efforts extend to under the sea. Crystal Cove Park includes a 1,400-acre marine conservation area and underwater park. This unique feature attracts snorkelers, scuba divers and skin divers to this spectacular underwater paradise.

Crystal Cove State Park is also home to a wide variety of wildlife such as bobcats, coyotes, rattlesnakes, and a plethora of bird species. As one of Orange County’s largest preserved open spaces, Crystal Cove State Park is a stunning gem at the tips of the fingers for those who live in the Crystal Cove area or in Crystal Cove Historic District.


One of the most unique and defining features of Crystal Cove is its dedication to the conservation of history. Its rich history includes tales of Native American life, missionaries, financiers and sheepherders. However, these are not the only histories that can be found at Crystal Cove. While we recommend diving into the land’s interesting history, much of what is considered classic American architecture is well-preserved in Crystal Cove’s Historic District and its surrounding homes and cottages.

Take a step back in time by experiencing the one-of-a-kind restored historic beach cottages of Crystal Cove. Crystal Cove’s Historic District is an enchanting place to retreat to experience both California’s rich natural and architectural beauty that has been preserved in time. These cottages are available for rent, and nearby homes outside of the conserved Historic District are available to buy, so as to take in a stunning slice of California life.

This area of Orange County is unique in that its long-time residents have successfully fought to preserve the antiquity and historical heritage of Crystal Cove. The 46 vintage rustic cottages that overlook the ocean were built in the 1930s and 1940s. Built originally as a seaside colony, these adorable cottages have been successfully conserved and restored to their original splendor with some fine-tuning and small adjustments to bring them into the 21st century. The cove was always traditionally known for its low-key lifestyle and with the restoration of its historic cottages, this reputation lives on. These simple, rustic and charming cottages trade acute reminders of modernity to ensure a stay that feels authentic and like an old California that is often hard to find. Televisions are sacrificed for spacious lounging areas and lavish bathrooms for unassuming sleeping quarters. However, even without televisions or bathtubs, these lovely cottages remain simply dreamy. Chances are, you probably won’t even miss such amenities.

Beyond the Historic District of Crystal Cove, there are other beautiful homes with a community of homeowners that add to the uniqueness and charm of Crystal Cove. While in these guard-gated communities you more often find sheer luxury than vintage cottages, many of these homes exemplify many classic American architecture styles and offer sweeping views of the ocean and nearby beaches. If the rustic cottage isn’t your style, no problem. Comfort and luxury are not hard to come by in the surrounding Crystal Cove communities.


Despite being immersed in nature and beach life, Crystal Cove is hardly isolated. Along the stretches of Newport Coast, one will find an abundance of shops, cafes and dining options. One of the dining landmarks of the Crystal Cove community is The Beachcomber restaurant. This oceanfront dining option is situated in Crystal Cove State Park’s Historic District and offers incredible sights of both the Newport Coastline and Catalina Island. The outdoor patio is near the beach and provides the perfect spot to watch the sunset or to indulge one of The Beachcomber’s delicious snacks and entrees. Located in a restored beach cottage, diners are able to taste and experience classic California.

Newport Beach is a buzzing nearby city that is also popular amongst surfers and beachgoers. Head into town for an eclectic array of shopping opportunities, dining options and local farmers’ markets. Despite the serenity and slowness of life in Crystal Cove and along the Newport Coast, stimulation and cosmopolitan vibes are not too far away. Boasting the best of both worlds, this is one of the prime elements that make Crystal Cove and the Newport Coast so special and unique.

The Crystal Cove and Newport Coast communities are perfect for those wishing to enjoy the great outdoors and an endearing slice of history while staying close to the comforts of home. With the nearby Crystal Cove State Park, beaches and surf galore, preserved and well-loved pockets of history and all the perks of cosmopolitan living nearby (including an excellent school district), life in Crystal Cove is truly California dreaming.


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