A Guide To Relocating and Living Throughout Southern California

Southern California has it all. Living here is like being on vacation every day! At Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty, we strive to provide our clients with the dream of homeownership and the benefits of living the Southern California lifestyle.

If you’re interested in making a lifestyle change, our Pacific Life San Diego, and Coastal Life Orange County magazines provide the ultimate guide to Relocating and Living throughout Southern California.

Here’s a look at one of the most beautiful cities in SoCal, Rancho Santa Fe.

The Huge Horse Culture in Rancho Santa Fe


Before automobiles become commonplace, horses were the primary mode of transportation everywhere from Central Asia to Europe and of course, the American West.

It’s almost impossible to think of the Old West era without the imagery or rugged cowboys riding their steeds down dusty trails as they cattle-ranch, form posses to chase outlaws, and draw carriages across pioneer trails. These days, it’s not likely you’ll find our four-hooved friends gallivanting on an interstate highway. But if you spend enough time in the Rancho Santa Fe area, don’t be too surprised if you happen upon a procession of these majestic ungulates. Horseback riding is a big deal in this part of the world, as attested by the dozen-plus establishments catering to the pastime. Here’s a look at the equestrian scene you’re likely to encounter here.


Between its many stunning parklands and designated equestrian trails – about 50 miles of them – Rancho Santa Fe is truly a nexus for horseback riding enthusiasts. There are any number of clubs here dedicated to doing everything from training to boarding them. Academies are prevalent, offering lessons for novices and advanced riders alike. There are even designated rules for folks sharing spaces with runners and hikers. Plenty of stores offer accessories and gear. And if you’re thinking of moving here, there are even homes and entire communities zoned to keep your horses. All of this is just a short drive from the bustling metropolis of San Diego. But it’s a totally different world. If you’re ready to travel back to an easier way of life where folks see the world from the back of a horse instead of behind a wheel, you’ll find Rancho Santa Fe to be very accommodating indeed.

The long tradition of ranching in Rancho Santa Fe’s history lends itself easily to horseback riding not as a sport, but as a necessity. For centuries, horses weren’t just about transportation, but a crucial element in working the land. All of the original burdens of making the region successful largely rested on the back of the strong beasts. And the land itself was more easily navigated on horseback. After all, this is a place of rolling hills, steep inclines, and sprawling valleys. Quadrupeds can get along far more easily than us bipedal humans. Before roads were engineered and leveled for easier traversing by people and wheeled vehicles, horses facilitated the development of the fertile soil. It only made sense that, with the decline of the primacy of the horse as a drive of plow, that family legacies would continue to incorporate the connection between these beautiful animals and the community who relied upon them for so long.

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